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Covid 19 Disinfection Cleaning Service

Professional Home and Commercial COVID 19 Cleaning in Melbourne

This COVID 19-driven pandemic has thrown the entire world out of order! As of now, every palpable sign is unmistakably making one thing very clear – this virus is not going to leave us soon! We have to learn to stay with it! We have to do things to contain the spread of this virus and stay safe and healthy as we lead our life! This is the neo-normal new world order and every country is steadily coming in terms of this neo-normal way of living!

Thus, as a leading cleaning company, JIG’S CLEANING is dedicated to offering high quality and customer-centric Coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services in Melbourne using the best Govt-approved hospital-grade cleaning solutions and with the help of the latest state of the tools and technology. Our ‘mission & vision’ is to keep the homes as well as the workplaces of our clients absolutely clean, sanitized, and disinfected helping our customers to stay safe and healthy.

Our COVID Cleaning service in Melbourne for Homes and Offices
We have taken some unprecedented precautions to ensure not only the safety and security of our customers but our clients as well. We are periodically checking the health of our cleaners to ensure they are fit and healthy. Even if there are even remotest signs of the virus in the form of mild flu or running nose, cough, and cold in our cleaners, we are disengaging them and taking precautionary measures. This is to ensure that when we provide COVID Cleaning service in Melbourne at your home, we are never a source of any infection. Also, we advise you to remain confined to one separate room in case of home cleaning and a separate area in case of offices, while we carry out the cleaning over the rest of the property!
How are we cleaning homes and offices?
  • When conducting the cleaning at home and offices, our cleaners are using high quality sanitizing solutions, for wiping down the switches and electrical outlets of electrical and electronic appliances, tables and tabletops, work stations, and laptops, keyboards and tablets, phones and mobiles, doorknobs and handles, bathroom and kitchen accessories, pantries and laundries, and other high touch areas.
  • Our highly trained cleaners are carrying out professional fogging sanitisation and disinfection in cleaning in Melbourne with the help of high quality, eco-friendly disinfecting products approved by the Govt. of Victoria. They would also use specific cleaning methods, like using microfibre mops, with a proven capacity of reducing 99% bacteria.
  • Our cleaners are switching out all their uniforms and cleaning tools and mop heads between visits to homes and workplaces, and are thoroughly laundering them between visits.
    They are following the self-sanitization methods like washing hands and using high-quality antibacterial sanitizers between their visits.
  • They are using masks and face shields, gloves when they take up our COVID clean assignments in Melbourne.
Thus you see, when you CONTACT US, you get one of the most responsible and competent names to carry out COVID 19 cleaning to ensure safety and healthy stay at home or at your workplace in this difficult time!!
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