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Rug Cleaning

Eco-friendly Rug Cleaning Melbourne

Have your rugs and carpets become a bit too shabby and dusty for you to clean? Are they emitting a musty smell that is ruining the ambience of your rooms? Are they posing respiratory issues for your family members? It’s high time to hire a top-notch professional who is into carpet and rug cleaning.

With a considerable amount of experience under the belt, Jig’s Cleaning is the name that can come up with a solution to all your woes!

Why do you need to clean rugs?

  • Rugs accumulate a lot of soil and dust, virus and bacteria, allergens and contaminants and all of them pose a threat to your family’s help.
  • With regular usage, they even get dirtier, when sweat, pet’s hairs and urine, food droppings and other stuff join the party.
  • With time, all these and the strains and marks get deeply embedded within the surface, making the rugs look dirtier and messier. They lose their sheen and shine, colour and getup and shabby.

Indeed, we are the name to reckon

We are home to some of the most professional cleaners, who come up with some of the best and most effective rug and carpet cleaning services.

Our experts use the state of the art tools and the latest and innovative techniques of rug and carpet cleaning Melbourne with the help of eco-friendly or green cleaning agents. This makes sure that the cleaning agents they use do not pose any health hazards to your family members or have any adverse effect on the materials the rugs and carpet are made up of.

We provide on-time services that meet your need of the hour, and we do so without drilling a hole in your wallet. Indeed, our service is cost-effective, and we do not have any hidden costs.

Types of rugs we take care of

We are competent enough to take on any rug made from any material. Starting from oriental and Persian, synthetic to woolen, we take care of carpets that are silken and woven, fur and coir, our team can take on any rug!

For further details, and an obligation-free quote, ENQUIRE US! We will be more than glad to resolve your queries.