Allergen Removal – an Integral Part of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Open windows and ventilation systems allow outdoor pollutants like smoke and particulates to enter buildings. Allergens, including mould, dust mites, and pet dander, are examples of pollutants that come from indoor sources.

Because carpets store allergens, they can increase our exposure to air pollution. Allergens can be suspended in the air and breathed in by simply walking over or vacuuming carpet. Foot movement frequently forces allergens that are still present on the carpet to the bottom of the pile, where they adhere to the fibres and become challenging to remove.

Setting up cleaning strategies

It is important to set up cleaning strategies for reducing the indoor allergen level, and cleaning carpets is the most effective of them. Having the carpets cleaned by professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne on a regular basis is necessary to get rid of allergies and grime. Depending on the suction force and cleaning head used, hoover cleaners can differ greatly in their capacity to remove dust and allergens from carpet.

They would use a machine designed to efficiently remove allergens from the carpet in your establishment by dry vacuuming it. To guarantee that allergens accidentally sucked up are not released, they would use a machine with a completely sealed system and a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Vacuuming always increases the number of airborne allergens in a room, so cleaning personnel who are really allergic to things should wear masks when performing this duty.

To successfully remove allergens from flooring, professionals conducting carpet cleaning in Melbourne would use a carpet washer that has been tested. Effective allergy removal from carpet can also be achieved with steam cleaning.They will refrain from using too much water while using steam cleaners and carpet washers. Leaving carpet fibres wet can hasten the emergence of mould and speed up the hatching of dust mite eggs.

The professionals will assess the cleaning power and any possible effects on indoor air quality before using any detergent to clean carpets. There are chemicals in some cleaning solutions that can aggravate allergy symptoms. They will only use cleaning solutions that do not contain or have reduced amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fragrances, irritants, or flammable ingredients.

The strategies they chalk out 

  • The experts offering carpet cleaning in St. Kilda would suggest installation of mats at the entryway to your business to help minimise the quantity of allergens and filth that shoes bring into the carpet.
  • They would suggest wiping away dust and allergies that build up on hard surfaces with a damp cloth on a regular basis. .
  • Maintaining a 30% to 50% relative humidity to prevent the formation of mould and dust mites will be the best step.
  • If excessive humidity is an issue, it will be better to utilise a commercial-grade dehumidifier or enhance ventilation and air flow in your building.
  • To get rid of allergies and particles from the air, installing an HVAC system with a HEPA filter or getting a portable HEPA air purifier can be considered.

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