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How Do Experts Clean Old Carpets Safely and Effectively?

To clean old carpets that are already worn out, cleaners need to have the necessary skills. Also, they need to be attentive so that they can avoid mistakes that might cause more harm to the already weak fibres. Now, if you are curious about the steps that they follow to clean these ageing floor coverings, this post will give you an overview.

Inspecting the Old Carpet

The first step that professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne and its other suburbs will follow is performing a thorough inspection of the fibres before they can begin the cleaning process. They will examine the stained areas and heavy soiling along with fibre damage. Accumulating this data helps the cleaners to take the necessary steps and achieve the best results. Moreover, if they find any specific issue with the old carpet, they will address it for your convenience.

Vacuuming and Removal of Dry Soil

The next step that carpet cleaners take is to remove dry soil thoroughly. They use industry-grade vacuum cleaners with selected filters to remove dust, loose dirt, debris, dry soil and other particles inside the carpet fibres. However, they optimise these tools carefully to avoid damage to the carpet. They make sure that the suction power remains optimal for the ageing fibres.

Since the professionals are cleaning an old carpet, the process might be a bit time taking since they have to clean the fibres part by part making sure that their integrity is not affected.

Stain and Spot Removal 

Experts carrying out carpet cleaning in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs remove stains from the old fibres carefully. They use different methods of spot treatment where they use the necessary cleaning agents to remove the stains. They apply all solutions to loosen the spots from the surfaces. However, they do the job patiently since it is an old carpet with which they are dealing.

Planned Deep Cleaning

To clean old carpets, the experts remove odours, dirt and grime, methodically. For this, they use deep cleaning methods that include steam cleaning and hot water extraction. For both of these, cleaners use specialised equipment.

By default, steam cleaning is a safe and effective method and is good for ageing fibres. So, this technique is mostly used. However, if the carpet is very old and the fibres are on the verge of total disintegration, cleaners apply a low amount of steam on the carpet surface. On the other hand, they use dry cleaning as well which lacks steam. Here, certain agents are applied to the surface by the Melbourne carpet cleaners stepwise to remove stains. But since the carpet is old, they use limited agents on the surface.

Final Inspection

Finally, after completing carpet cleaning in St.Kilda or any other Melbourne suburb, the cleaners perform a final inspection of the old carpet to see whether it has become immaculate and is looking attractive.

By following these steps, cleaners clean old carpets safely and effectively.

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