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How to Understand Whether Your Carpet is Causing Allergies?

Dust and pollen allergies are very common. It all starts with redness in the eyes, sneezing, feeling feverish, etc. But what if your own carpet is causing it? Well, the carpet is not directly causing it but the accumulation of the particles on its surface is. Now, how can you find whether these symptoms are actually caused by these particles? There are certain ways you actually can and here, we will discuss them one by one. So, you will need to go through the points to understand whether you need to hire carpet cleaners near you, whether you are in Melbourne, Southbank, St Kilda or any other suburbs.

Layers of Dust or Dirt is Visible 

Is your carpet appearing darker? It is a clear sign that this is caused due to the layer of dust or dirt on its surface. Since these particles can easily get into the air, they can cause allergies if you breathe them in or if they get in your eyes. So, in this situation, you will need to book cleaners performing carpet cleaning in Melbourne and the other mentioned suburbs.

The cleaners will need to use heavy-duty vacuum cleaners to remove dirt and dust from the surface of the carpets. If done comprehensively, you will no longer experience allergies.

Fibres Appearing Uneven

You might experience allergies if you breathe microscopic carpet fibres.

With time, these fibres disintegrate and get into the air, just like smaller dust particles. If you breathe them in or if they get into your eyes, you might develop allergies. The typical symptoms include watery eyes and redness, fever, etc. In this situation, booking a cleaning service might not be the right solution. Rather, mending the carpet can prove to be useful.

Fungal or Mould Growth

You have already noticed mould or a similar fungal growth on your old and unmaintained carpet. But if you are experiencing allergies, it’s no coincidence. It is the spores from mould that are causing these symptoms. So, to get rid of this situation once and for all, you will need to hire cleaners performing carpet cleaning in Southbank or the suburb where you are.

Generally, when and if cleaners find mould or any other types of fungal growth, they steam clean carpets since it helps kill these organisms quickly and makes the fibres fully immaculate.

Pests or Rodent Infestation

Sometimes, pests or rodent infestations can cause allergies since these critters and animals bring in food or other particles which can get inside your eyes or to your lungs through the air and cause allergies. So, if you are seeing these infestations, the best thing that you can do is to book a carpet cleaning service without delay.

Pollen Accumulation or Dander

Do you have a carpet near your garden and lately you are experiencing some of the mentioned symptoms? Or, do you have a pet in your house? If these two or anyone holds true, you can rest assured that your carpet is responsible.

If pollen from the plants in your garden accumulates on your carpet or if there is dander or both, they can easily get inside human bodies and cause allergies. So, in this situation, you need to book carpet cleaning in St.Kilda or the suburb where you are, to get rid of these.

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