4 Indispensable Reasons You Need to Steam Clean Carpets Regularly

If you are passionate about your carpet, you should be equally concerned with its maintenance to keep the health and hygiene of your home intact. A carpet undergoes regular abuse and develops stains, spots and mould, which aggravates over time and triggers high risks of health ailments. Besides, stubborn stains ruin the lustre of the fabrics if left untreated for months. Thus, the importance of regular carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne can’t be undermined in this regard. Professional steam cleaning eliminates pesky carpet chores and extends the longevity of your pricey furnishing in the coming years.

Here are 4 promising reasons for steam cleaning carpets regularly. Read on and fix your cleaning schedule with our experts today!

Minimal Disruption to Health

Bacteria and mould are common carpet chores that spread all over the fabrics and vacuum cleaning often fails to eradicate the tiny spores. Being a harmful pathogen, mould wrecks havoc on carpet weavings and therefore, steam carpet cleaning in Melbourne becomes necessary for successful carpet restoration. If your carpet is installed in high-traffic areas, it’s likely to collect dirt, food particles, spills etc which can’t be removed with local detergents. Our hot water extraction using powerful machines works best as it flushes away dirt particles and eliminates nasty germs quickly and efficiently, thereby improving the hygiene of your premises.

Eliminates Respiratory Ailments

Asthma is a growing health concern today and professional carpet cleaners always recommend keeping carpets clean to prevent respiratory troubles. Dust mites, germs and pathogens find their favourite breeding ground inside the fabrics and leaving them untreated for long triggers allergies, skin irritations and breathing problems. Dust mites often feed on skin flakes, beds, pillows and that’s why regular steam cleaning is a must for successful eradication. Hot water molecules injected inside the fabrics through powerful truck-mounted equipment scrape off germs and improve the overall hygiene.

Visually Pleasing Appearance

It goes without saying that regular steam cleaning prolongs the shelf-life of carpet and restores its look for the coming years. Besides eliminating mould, stains, dirt and grit from the intricate weavings, carpet steam cleaning freshens the fabrics and removes unsightly spots that develop over time. As steam carpet cleaning in Southbank involves zero use of harsh chemicals, your carpet remains safe from discolouration and lasts longer.

Chemical Free Cleaning Extends the Lifespan of Carpets

Among many other carpet cleaning treatments, steam cleaning is a safe and highly effective process to sanitise carpet and revitalise shabby fabrics. Highly efficient truck-mounted tools not only deep cleanse the top layer, but flushes away dirt from the intricate weavings, leaving behind long-lasting freshness. Regardless of the size and type of carpet fabrics, regular steam carpet cleaning in St.kilda works incredibly well in carpet restoration and is an eco-friendly treatment, safe for kids and pets.

At Jig’s Cleaning, we specialise in high-quality carpet cleaning in Melbourne, Southbank & St.kilda using eco-friendly detergents and our experts are trained in advanced techniques. Our holistic approach to carpet deep cleaning, sanitisation and deodorising extends the lifespan of carpets and makes them look fresh and vibrant for years. If it’s high time to give your dull carpet a quick facelift, book a cleaning schedule with our professionals and experience the difference we make!