Is Steam Cleaning Detrimental to Carpets? True Facts Revealed!

Many of you who haven’t yet tried steam cleaning seek answers to a common question: whether carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne is harmful to carpets or not. Well, the answer is NO if done properly by skilled professionals.

Steam cleaning is, by far, considered a highly effective method for carpet restoration, which is why many companies consider steam cleaning as a ‘must-have’ in their packages. It is a primary but not the only method for treating soiled carpets. There are many other ways to revive filthy carpets, but steam cleaning has no match when it comes to restoring the brand-new look of the fabrics. Although it’s a cleaner and greener method of carpet cleaning in Melbourne, you need to be aware of a few mistakes to get visible results and the common blunder is over-wetting the carpet.

Over-wetting can happen due to many reasons, such as

  • Inferior quality equipment
  • Excessive high water force
  • Improper techniques
  • Not speed-drying carpets

When Can Steam Cleaning Damage A Carpet?

Using Inferior Quality Equipment

Usually, steam cleaning is performed by two types of machines- portable units and the other one is truck-mounted equipment. Now, a portable unit is similar to a rented carpet cleaning machine where it is wheeled into home and connected to a reliable water source. While some portable units are more efficient than others, however, most of them have poor suction, which fails to make water hot enough to perform meticulous cleaning.

Coming to truck-mounted equipment, they are self-sufficient machines which means they have a dedicated fresh water tank mounted in the van and the dirty water is pumped out to a waste tank which is also mounted inside the van. The suction pressure is comparatively higher and the water temperature reaches up to 220 degrees depending on the type of equipment used. The more efficient the equipment, the more effective will be cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne can do wonders to your carpet using truck-mounted machines and make carpet steam cleaning worth the investment.

Exerting High Water Pressure

Although there is no standard PSI setting for steam cleaning carpets as pressure needs to be adjusted based on the carpet condition, however, that doesn’t imply you can exert high water pressure. In case of a portable machine, the PSI should be reduced as they lack sufficient vacuum power compared to truck-mounted machines. Additionally, the professional performing carpet steam cleaning in Thornbury should have adequate knowledge of the correct water pressure application based on the condition of the carpet and the type of equipment. Overwetting carpets can cause more harm than good and even lead to mould infestation.

Improper Cleaning Techniques

Steam cleaning is an advanced carpet restoration technique that trained specialists must perform. Some areas might be filthier and require slow strokes, while some high-traffic areas may require dry stokes to eradicate moisture. Be it high-traffic areas or a normal zone that isn’t soiled much, correct use of strokes and water injection is a must for effective carpet cleaning in St.kilda. Carpets can be ruined by improper cleaning techniques if done by a novice who has no idea of the work.

In short, steam cleaning is beneficial to carpets only when performed by vetted carpet cleaners. At Jig’s Cleaning, we resort to advanced carpet cleaning techniques and restore soiled fabrics to their former glory without discolouration. If your carpet needs immediate restoration, don’t delay calling our specialists and booking a cleaning schedule. Our packages for carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne are cheap and easily affordable for all! Call now