Advanced Rug Cleaning Procedures Followed By Professionals

Cleaning rugs can be a bit of a challenging task even for professional cleaners in Melbourne because there are different types of rugs. So, to achieve the best results, they have to follow specific procedures for each type of rug. Today, we will discuss some of these procedures to give you an idea of the entire rug cleaning process.

  • Cleaning Braided or Woven Rugs

To clean these types of rugs, the cleaners carrying out the rug cleaning in Melbourne will first check if there are any stitching breaks. Also, they will check the labels to see if the rug is marked washable. And if it is, they will use cool water and rinse thoroughly. However, if you have a large braided rug, they will use foam to clean off the dirt, dust and stains. Lastly, they will complete the process by vacuuming and drying.

  • Cleaning Hand-Knotted and Antique Rugs

If you have a Persian rug, for instance, that is placed in the kitchen or any high-traffic area; it will surely have a lot of dirt and dust accumulated. So, the cleaners will first use the vacuum cleaner to remove the particles. But since this is an antique rug, the cleaners will place a nylon screen over it before vacuuming to protect the surface.

  • Cleaning Grass, Sisal or Coir Rugs

Generally, grass, sisal, coir, rush are all-natural fibres and hence, dirt will accumulate from beneath the surface since these are open weaves. So, to remove the dirt and dust, the professionals will vacuum them from both sides. After that, they will use plain water mixed with light detergents to clean the stains. However, since these are fully organic rugs, too much water can damage them. So, the cleaners will keep the application of water to a minimum.

  • Cleaning Fur or Hide Based Rugs

To clean the rugs made with sheepskin, the professionals providing rug cleaning services in Melbourne will use talcum powder.

They will sprinkle the powder on the surface of the rugs and leave them there for a few hours. After that, they will use a brush to remove it. This will help them to get rid of the accumulated dirt and dust on the carpet.

  • Cleaning Nylon Rugs

Though nylon rugs enhance the looks of the indoor areas and do not accumulate much dirt or dust, they are prone to stains. So, to remove the stains, the professionals use proprietary or common stain removal solutions. But depending on the quality of the rug, they can use normal detergent solutions for mild stains.

  • Cleaning Polyester Rugs

To clean the polyester rugs, the professional rug cleaners in Melbourne will vacuum them first by attaching the proper nozzles. Then, they will use organic solutions such as a water-vinegar solution to remove the stains. But apart from this, they might use commercial cleaning solutions as well depending on the type of fabric.

These are some of the advanced procedures that the cleaners follow to make your rugs spotless. But, besides what we discussed, there are other cleaning methods as well that are being used, and we will discuss them later.

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