Allergic to Dirt and Dust? This Is How You Should Clean Your Carpet

You need to get your carpet cleaned by professionals in Melbourne or the suburb where you are located if you are allergic to dirt and dust. This is by far the safest way of protecting yourself from the usual symptoms that get triggered when you breathe in the dirt, dust, dander, or similar particles. However, if you have allergies and you still have to clean your carpet, you need to follow a few important steps. Here, we will discuss them in detail so that the cleaning task becomes easier for you.

  • Wear a Mask  

This is the first precautionary step suggested by professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne

Since the first carpet cleaning step includes vacuuming, you need to wear a mask since dirt, dust, and allergens can get scattered into the air. Naturally, if you breathe the same, you will start facing the symptoms again. For this reason, taking protective measures is extremely important.

  • Don’t Turn on the AC When Vacuuming Your Carpet

If you are prone to allergies caused by small particles that get accumulated inside carpet fibers, you should never turn on the air conditioner when vacuuming your carpet.

Professionals carrying out carpet cleaning in Melbourne and the other suburbs suggest that you turn off the air conditioner since the air can scatter the allergens present in the carpet fibers. Similarly, air conditioners aid the spread of allergens since these bacteria and viruses thrive well in cool, moist air.

  • Open All Windows 

Since vacuuming aids in the spread of allergens, you should open all windows. In fact, the cleaners carrying out carpet cleaning in Southbank besides other Melbourne suburbs also suggest that you do the same since ventilation helps get rid of the allergens from your room. This reduces the possibility of the bacteria or the viruses affecting you directly.

  • Ensure That the Particles on the Carpet Do Not Get Into Your Eyes

During the cleaning process, if you are planning to scrub the stains with a knife, for instance, make sure that they do not get into your eyes since they can worsen allergic symptoms. So, the best solution to this problem is to get a carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne done by professionals. That way, you will not have to worry about your symptoms at all.

  • Cover Your Face if You Are Using a Brush to Eliminate Dust 

You can either wear a mask, as suggested already, or cover your face with a cloth while you are using a brush, especially if you have dust allergies. This method is suggested by most cleaners carrying out carpet cleaning in Richmond and St. Kilda since a mask might not be enough to stay protected from dust particles that can easily get inside the airways and cause allergies.

  • Avoid Cleaning Your Carpet if It Has Mould Growth

If you are allergic to dirt and dust, you should not clean your carpet if it has mold growth since these are fungal growths that can cause a lot of diseases.

So, in this situation, you should get a carpet steam cleaning in St.Kilda done by professionals. This is a safe process and can effectively remove mold from your carpet.

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