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How Can Professional Carpet Cleaners Stop Stains From Reappearing?

At times you will find that the stains that you have removed from the carpets thoroughly have come back. That may leave you with a red face, but if you ask the professionals it happens due to two reasons – wicking and soiling caused by the residues even after cleaning. That is the reason you need to hire the best carpet cleaning professionals. They will use all their expertise and experience to come up with the best carpet cleaning methods. This ensures they are able to clean the stains permanently and they never come back again. Let us on this page discuss the issue.


Wicking happens when any liquid penetrates into the carpet to get to the padding or back of the carpet. When that happens, the fibre of the carpets will act like a wick and will reabsorb the residue of the soiled liquid beneath. The fibres will act much like the way an oil lamp wick will draw the oil from the oil tank. Thus, the stain becomes visible yet again, long after you have cleaned and dried the stains entirely.

Now the liquid that causes wicking can also be sourced from the remnants of the cleaning water and chemicals that have been used for cleaning. That’s the reason you need to hire professionals offering carpet cleaning in Melbourne. These professional carpet cleaners will use cleaning products and apply procedures that remove the stains permanently, never to reappear once again.

Soiling Caused by Residues

Soiling happens due to the residue that has been left behind on the carpets as and when the cleaning products have not been blotted and rinsed. These leftover particles turn sticky over time and thus, trap all the dirt, dust and other unwanted objects, As the dirt and dust keep on accumulating the stains reappear as if it has never been cleaned.

This is where, intervention of the professionals providing carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne will make a difference. These carpet steam cleaning professionals will use the right cleaning products and procedures to remove the stains forever.

What if wicking and soiling have already taken place? 

Dealing with marks and stains that continue coming back despite supposedly perfect cleaning can be extremely frustrating. This is where the carpet cleaning professionals make a lot of difference. Here is a summary of what they do to avoid it.

For the residues, the professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne will spray just enough hot water on the stained area. Though it will make the area moist, the water will not reach out to the posterior part of the carpet. When the back is not wet, there is no question of the liquid coming back to the surface. So wicking never takes place.

For countering the trapped moisture, the professionals offering carpet cleaning in St.kilda will pull the carpet and its padding and dry it from the bottom up. However, this may require professional reinstallation of the same carpet later on.

Thus, it is advised not to try DIY for carpet cleaning so that these situations do not take place at all in the first place. If you are in and around Melbourne you must call Jig’s Cleaning at 043 046 3089. Or you can write to us at to get an online quote.