Common Blunders That Homeowners Do While Cleaning Their Carpets

There is a common propensity of users to opt for DIY while cleaning carpets. There is no harm in it, but only if they know the right ways to do so. In most cases they either do not know it or become over-enthusiastic and put in extra effort, damaging the carpets. That is the reason, the experts offering carpet cleaning would suggest you opt for professional help for the best results.

You will find a number of companies offering carpet cleaning in and around Melbourne. The wisest way will be to pick up the best and the most competent of these professionals to ensure top-quality carpet cleaning.

However, before that, let us take a quick look at some of the common blunders that the household will do while cleaning carpets.

Vigorous cleaning and rubbing of the carpets

This is one of the most common blunders that homeowners would make while cleaning carpets. They will rub or scrub the carpets vigorously to remove the marks and stains. They do so out of the belief and aspiration that this will remove all the marks and stains profoundly. However, the reality is just the opposite.

Vigorous scrubbing of the carpet with a scrubber, rag or brush will push the molecules of dirt and dust further deep inside the fibre. This will only increase the damage to the carpet – something that the professionals offering carpet cleaning in Melbourne will never do.

While cleaning the carpets they will gently blot the stains using a clean towel or blotting paper, depending upon the nature of the stain.

Not purchasing the walk-off mats, area rugs and runners

Dirt, salt, water and leaves are the most common elements that can easily find their way into the home. The best way to stop them from getting into your carpet and damage them is to purchase walk-off mats, runners and area mats. The experts would suggest using them as they will negate the impact of these ills on the carpet, or at least reduce them. In that case, the life of the professionals offering carpet cleaning in Southbank will turn out to be a trifle easier.

Vacuuming the carpets too much or too little

This is another very common blunder that homeowners will make when it comes to taking care of the carpets. They will either vacuum too little in the fear of damaging the carpet fibres, or too much and too harshly to ensure that the cleaning is thorough and comprehensive. They would also vacuum it too little after being fooled by the carpet’s looks which says the carpet is not much dirty.

Well, certain carpets, more so the ones with deeper fibres are notorious for concealing dirt and dust. This is why professionals conducting carpet cleaning in St.kilda will use all their experience and expertise to ascertain the extent of dirt the carpet has, and will use the adequate extent of vacuuming with the use of the best and the most powerful vacuum cleaner.

 So you see, when you hire professionals to clean carpets they will help households to keep at bay these blunders. If you are in and around Melbourne, Jig’s Cleaning is the best name to turn to. Call us on 043 046 3089. Or you can write to us at to get an online quote.