Quick & Proven Tips to Get 100% Bond Back During Move-Out

Bond cleaning proves to be a nightmare to most tenants not just because it’s arduous and time-consuming but involves a lot of planning and prep work for a 100% guaranteed bond refund. Landlords are overly picky during lease inspection and in order to exceed their expectations, all you need to do is stay organised and follow some useful tips to make end of lease cleaning in Melbourne successful.

Bond cleaning differs from regular house cleaning in certain aspects. It’s intricate, detailed and requires focus from start to end, unlike any standard house cleaning job. That’s mainly because property owners are strict with their belongings and expect their premises to be in an immaculate condition as it was during the time of renting out the property. A slight damage to furniture, cobwebs on walls, stained floors or filthy furnishings can agitate them to the extent of withholding the bond and impose high penalties. To avoid any such mess during the time of move-out, here are some expert-recommended tips you can follow for a seamless and hassle-free relocation.

Prepare a Cleaning Checklist

A checklist plays a pivotal role in making end of lease cleaning service in Melbourne quick and hassle-free. Amidst the chaos of relocation, you may likely miss out paying attention to the unnoticed corners having pest and bug infestation and that’s where you put yourself at the stake of paying high penalties. A cleaning checklist helps you stay organised and address even the hard-to-reach areas with same care and attention.

Book End of Lease Cleaners in Advance

Bond cleaning is not a job to be performed single-handedly. Having skilled professionals to assist you with sorting, decluttering and packing can save a lot of time and allow you to focus on other aspects of relocation. Additionally, certified end of lease cleaners in Melbourne know the tricks of expediting vacate cleaning job and make your apartment perfectly ready for the new tenant. Thus, the feasible way of saving both and effort is by hiring reputed exit cleaners a week before the final relocation date.

Declutter Unwanted Items a Month Before

Removing the clutter and identifying items you need to carry to your new abode is not that easy during end of lease cleaning in Port Melbourne. Decluttering your wardrobe, kitchen, bathroom and living areas can prove to be tedious and nerve-wracking, especially if you are moving for the first time. Thus, it’s ideal to start sorting and removing clutter a month before your final move out date to make relocation a pleasing experience.

Fulfilling Landlord’s Expectations

End of lease cleaning doesn’t necessarily involve deep cleaning the interiors, but paying equal attention to the exteriors too! If your rental apartment features a driveway, a pergola or outdoor decks, you need to ensure they are equally cleaned and treated before the lease inspection. Landlord’s expect every nook and corner of their premises in a pristine state and to meet their expectations, all you need to do is book certified and insured company offering end of lease cleaning in Thornbury in advance for 100% guaranteed result.

At Jig’s Cleaning, we specialise in high-quality end of lease cleaning in Melbourne using specialised tools and equipment at affordable rates. Our team comprises of vetted cleaning staff who knows what landlords usually look for during lease inspection and executes the task underlining highest efficacy and professionalism. If you are planning to relocate soon, get in touch with our pro’s and book end of lease cleaning service in Tarneit today!